Advice for the grant application and interview process

We are just starting the second round interview process for Project Tech4Dev. Based on a couple of conversations and the applications we received, I wanted to list a few things that we want all applicants to hopefully read and at least do a few or most of them. We do think that the below is definitely part of most of the successful applications in our first cohort.

  1. Be on time. This applies to application deadlines, online calls, and email requests. While we do try and send reminders, we cannot do this all the time.
  2. For online applications, please read, understand and answer the specific question. Ask for clarification if needed. Submit detailed answers so that someone not affiliated with your organization can understand your response. We’ve never had an issue with people giving us too much information. On the other hand at least 20% of our applications have given us too little information.
  3. For online meetings, make sure the right people are on the call. If you need to reschedule, please do so. Don’t expect to have a second call to account for people missing the first call.
  4. For online meetings, make sure you have a good internet connection you know how to connect, have the necessary software, and a headset.
  5. If the time and dates are not convenient, let us know. We understand people have other obligations. We are responsive and happy to choose a time that works for all of us.
  6. Be prepared. Do your homework. Read and think about potential answers to the questions we’ve shared publicly here
  7. Ask us questions anytime. If some things are not clear either on the application or in our documents, send us a mail. Send us a reminder if you don’t get a response soon. In general we do try and respond within 24 hours.
  8. Be prepared to talk about your organization’s mission, vision and impact. Have a grasp of the financials of your organization.
  9. Have a good idea of how your organization makes a difference. Be prepared with a few data points of where your organization has been effective and how it has made change
  10. We spend a fair bit of time prepping for the call. So, we do expect the people we are talking to also spend a fair bit of time and energy prepping on their side. We want to hear your story and ensure we are productive in the process

Let us know your thoughts, comments and feedback. Send us mail or leave a comment on this post.

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  1. Thanks. Looks great. Not much to add…

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