Free Technology Consulting for Bay Area Anti-trafficking Nonprofits

A Housing Provider Technology Consulting Offering

by Jessica HUbley, CEO, AnnieCannons

AnnieCannons will provide free tech training to participating housing and/or case management providers in exchange for research partnership on a software platform solution we are developing in partnership with the Chintu Gudiya Foundation. We’re choosing these partners because we value their insights as those who have a long history of serving survivors, and want to leverage their experience to make our technology solutions better. In exchange, we’re offering free consulting to help them do their work better now with training on free or low cost tech solution that can help them work smarter.

The tech consulting and training will include both (i) a standard set of free or donated software that we believe can help anti-trafficking organizations run more effectively for less cost and (ii) a follow-up written recommendations of additional technology tools that we believe could help the particular challenges faced by the organizations we interview and research.

What’s Involved?

This will involve both (a) a pre-submission of existing materials to us and (b) an in-person interview session. Both will allow us to understand what challenges your organization can overcome through free or donated technology.

How do we protect Confidentiality?

Confidentiality agreements are available if desired by the provider. Alternately, we can host staff in our Oakland offices if a physical location must remain confidential. If possible through confidentiality agreement, we believe we can provide better insight by observing physical systems, so prefer to visit your site.  Either way, and regardless of any agreements, we are intimately aware of the need for security in this work, and will maintain careful protection of any information we receive or review during this process.

Information Sharing. Your organization will be asked to provide copies of existing materials and spend less than 30 minutes gathering them for us no less than 1 week before your interview day so we can review them before our visit. We ask that you provide:

  • A list of your Staff and a summary of their roles
  • List of funders (only if you have reporting requirements to them)
  • Any technology tools currently in use and/or being paid for
  • Survivor consent forms/process
  • Survivor residency requirements ((i) age, demographic, dependents, etc.; (ii) participation requirements such as AA meetings, Bible Study, surrender of devices, etc)
  • Data points gathered during survivor intake, including the questions candidates are asked 

For anything not easy to gather, we will collect it day of and consider it in the custom technology recommendations.

Interview and Workshop Day. The participating organization is asked to schedule a half-day session for our team.  During this session, we’d both conduct interview and the standard offer training. While as many staff as desired can attend the training, for the interviews we specifically plan for:

  • 60 minute interview with ED/CEO on mission, intake, criteria, continuum of care services provided, duration of services, reporting obligations (especially grant reporting), fundraising challenges that tech might help with, and current technology usage. A services program director may provide this information, if more suitable to your organization.
  • 30 minute interview with Operations director (if different) on staff time allocation, staff success evaluations, and reporting obligations/pain points as well as hiring criteria, staff capacity challenges and attrition review
  • 30 minute interview with Fundraising director on reporting obligations, current data collection practices, and impact measurements
  • 10 minute workshop to quickly build “self-org charts” with each staff member for small orgs or each manager for larger orgs.  These charts reflect how the staffer/manager spends their days

Custom Technology Report. Within 2-4 weeks following your interview day, AnnieCannons will share back a written report noting additional technology tools or discounts we’ve found that might help your org operate more efficiently and ease staff pain points. Follow-up written process recommendations report will be shared with Tech4Dev and applicable provider only. 

Please reach with questions or to join the program, and send your materials to

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