Chat for Impact Cohort finalized

A quick update on our third cohort, the chat for impact cohort in partnership with We had 45 applications from NGOs across India. We used the following criteria to narrow down the list of applications

  • NGOs have to be doing work in India and have to be operational for at least a year.
  • NGOs that are already doing regular two-way communication.
  • NGOs doing periodic one-way communication with well-defined content and processes.
  • NGOs who are doing small pilot programs with their regular WhatsApp accounts.

We narrowed the list to 16 finalists and to avoid any bias issues (since we knew and had interacted with quite a few of the finalists), we asked the folks at Turn to pick the final 10. In the end, we picked 11 NGOs. The selected NGOs are

We look forward to the training and a learning pilot program with the above NGOs over the next six months. We will post notes and detailed information on our blog and/or Google Drive folders to make the information accessible to

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