Empower People Project Kickoff

About Empower People

Empower People (EP) is an organisation working with survivors of bride trafficking in India, primarily in Haryana and Assam.
EP works with trafficking survivors on the ground who are leading the movement against bride trafficking and fighting crimes against women and children.

Current Data Management Process

EP’s On-the-ground data collection is done via photos, audio recordings and videos captured by the survivor leaders on smartphones supplied by the organisation.
Further reporting, communication and data management is over a combination of paper-based methods and various Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

Project Details and Scope

As part of the second cohort for Tech4dev, we are working together with Empower People to identify what tech solution would fit best.
We identified three primary modules for different user roles-

  1. Survivor Leaders
    • Mode of use – Android App
    • Securely capture media files, auto upload to server
    • Auto-delete media after upload
  2. Activists
    • Mode of use – Android App
    • Report on cases
  3. NGO Admins
    • Mode of use – web portal and android app
    • Manage all case data
    • Access media files uploaded

We decided to target the functionality for user role 1 first, and as an app separate from the cases management app that will be used by activists .

Current Progress

We are currently exploring the possibility of using the open source Android app Tella – https://hzontal.org/tella/ as the media reporting app.

Tella supports capture of image, audio, and video files, and stores them encrypted on the phone storage.

Together with the Tella team, we are exploring development of a configurable setting where files can be auto-uploaded to a server, and then auto-deleted from the device after the upload.

We are also working to further scope out the case management needs for activists and admins

More updates to come.

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