SeSTA FMS Project Update

Sesta FMS project has been progressing quite nicely. The project plan is finalized along with the UI mockups. Here are the details of the project.

Project Timeline

Project development and implementation are carried out as per the below milestones below:

Milestone Deliverables Date
1DB schema, Field Mapping for forms Feb 7, 2020
2Repo setup and project bootstrap Feb 12, 2020
3UI mockups Mar 4, 2020
4User Login, Forgot & Reset Password

My Account / Change Password

Manage Users, Roles & Permissions
Mar 16, 2020
5Manage FPO

Manage VO

Manage SHG

Manage Village

Manage PG
Mar 30, 2020
6Manage Individuals

Manage loan models & loan tasks

Manage activities for CSP

Manage site configurations
April 13, 2020
7Manage loan applications
Print loan applications
Apr 27, 2020
8Loan Approval

MIS Reports

SMS reminders
May 11, 2020
9Dashboards for different roles

Data Migration: Import Shareholders
May 25, 2020
Final UAT 1 week
Go live 1 week
Documentation and Manual May 25, 2020
Project Handover 1 month after go-live

UI mockups

We have discussed various functionality and UI with SeSTA team. Here is the final UI mockup that will be used by the dev team.

Technology Stack

We are using the following technologies:


  • HTML / CSS / React


  • Nodejs
  • PostgreSQL


So far we are on track as per the proposed timeline. However, depending on the COVID-19 pandemic situation there might be few delays. We have communicated the same to SeSTA team.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

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