CRM Platform Project Update

The primary aim of the CRM platform project is to provide a ready to use development platform for the software partners for the CRM’ish projects. We are hoping it will save considerable time and effort involved in research and bootstrapping the project.


Currently, we have implemented a backend for this platform. Below are the details of the functionalities which have been implemented for this project:

  • Define and manage a set of contact types and details
  • Activity Management
  • User Management
  • Access control and Roles
  • Geographic data for the world (countries, states), with a focus on India initially (States, Districts, Blocks, Villages)
  • Easy to extend all in-built objects as per NGO needs
  • Strong API suite that can be used to implement cross-platform applications
  • CRM Platform is implemented as a Strapi Local plugin, so tightly coupled with Strapi platform.

We have used Mochajs for building API test suite.

The API documentation is generated using slate project and it is published on GitHub pages.

Please check:

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We are also using CircleCI for Continuous Integration.

Projects using CRM platform

Medha: State Training and Placement Cell project is already using the CRM platform. You can see how they have extended the plugin at

We also plan to use CRM platform project for SeSTA FMS project.

Project Repositories


API Documentation:

Next plans

  • Evaluate using Graphql for API
  • Switching to Typescript for the project
  • Easy to extend frontend interface

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