SeSTA FMS project completion

We have completed the work on the SeSTA FMS platform which enables the FPO to manage their shareholders, loan management and also allows tracking of the activities carried out by the Community Service Providers (CSP).

The project has been tested and deployed on SeSTA’s production server.

Key features implemented in the application:

  • Role-based Access Control
  • User-specific dashboards (Users can track their monthly activities here.)
  • Manage Members (Members can apply for the loan if the required criteria satisfy.)
  • Manage Users (Users with different roles can be created here)
  • Manage Loans (Loan Application list, Loan Approval, Update EMI and Tasks, Print Loan Application)
  • Manage Activities (Livelihood activities performed by CSP user)
  • Manage Master Data
    • FPO
    • Village Organization
    • SHG
    • Loan Purposes
    • Activity Types
    • States
    • Villages

Few screenshots:


We have also migrated the existing shareholder data to this new platform.

We have completed the handover process and all the necessary documents have been provided to the SeSTA team.

Lastly, I would like to thank Manash, Birkhang, Jayprakash, and the entire SeSTA Team for their cooperation during the project.

Here is the previous update on the project:

SeSTA FMS Project Status

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