Glific: Cypress automation testing

Testing is an important part of creating any application. It gives you the confidence that your application works the way it is meant to. At Glific, we use a react testing library and cypress for manual and end to end testing, to ensure that we create the highest quality code and minimize issues. Today, I will be talking about an end to end testing using Cypress.

What is Cypress?

Cypress is the future web-based front-end testing platform. It aims to solve the obstacles that developers face when testing React and AngularJS-based web applications. It’s a fast, effortless, and reliable tool to test any application running on a browser.

You can read more about Cypress on their website here.

For Glific, we have created a separate repository to manage all test cases and run it using GitHub CI here.

To Set Up:

  • git clone
  • cd cypress-testing
  • yarn install


  • Copy the contents from cypress.json.example to cypress.json
  • Update the cypress.json file with your glific installed settings


If you are running it on localhost make sure both backend and frontend server are running.


  • Interactive (With browser)
    • yarn run cypress open
  • Batch (without opening a browser (headless mode))
    • yarn cy:run


Running example:

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