Tech4Dev announces the availability of Glific v1.0 – an open-source, two-way communication platform

Feature-rich, Intuitive and Community-tested

Tehri, India – March 7, 2021: Tech4Dev announces the general release of the Glific two-way communication platform for NGOs. Glific is currently being used by about 20 organisations to uplift the lives of thousands of their beneficiaries.

Now complete with a range of features that allow automated chatbot-like conversation with a mix of manual interventions where required, NGOs can interact with thousands of beneficiaries on a weekly or daily basis. With the release of v1.0 Glific has taken a shape that’s better than ever for NGOs to run their program. A 4-minute product video showcasing the most important features of Glific can be viewed here. Glific is available for download at and as a managed service through Tides

Glific has paved a path for organisations to adopt it as a solution and be prepared for moments of crisis such as presented by COVID-19 where digital mediums of connecting with the community has proved crucial to protecting and safeguarding the population at large.

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