Tehri Sprint

This article was written by Kartik and Team Dhwani.

Here comes the Tehri Social Impact Sprint, which booked my calendar for an auspicious and wonderful event that started from 14th November 2021 to 20th November 2021.

Kartik(Me), Shahjad, Amresh, Manju were representing our organization Dhwani Rural Information Systems. We had lots of hopes and desire to share our expertise in the field of technology. We were seeking help to seek our doubts and use cases which we are trying to solve with the help of Mform, so we got the path of Tehri Social Impact Sprint. 

The event was held at THDC University, Tehri, also the office of ColoredCow founded by Prateek Narang. We were welcomed by a highly enthusiastic, motivated and self intrinsic team of ColoredCow, and then waiting for other folks to join us.

Now, the ice breaking session with the help of candle light dinner was the perfect beginning of the sprint. We headed to GMVN Eco Huts Tehri Lake(Stays) and witnessed the heart touching Sun rise the next morning. The rays of sunlight were brightening high as like ours to learn something new out of the box.

We were collaborating with IDInsights, Aam Digital, ColoredCow, Several NGOs, techies, Glific, Dost Education and few others. As the event went on and days passed, we were getting lots of confidence regarding the work we have done so far and could see that we are in a good direction.

Here are few moments which we had captured during the Sprint:

We went on a trek to Auli Cafe(New tehri) headed by ColoredCow team and the motivation of Donald Lobo to reach the Cafe and enjoy hills.

This was the mesmerizing view of Tehri Dam, which was our office view and helped us to refresh and feel energetic the whole day.

The major learning which we had were:

  • Work is always ongoing, focus on overall development also
  • Employees shall be happy and ice breaking sessions are always helpful
  • Focus on long term solutions rather than short term fixes
  • Open source contributions are must to do things, this helps to know new technologies
  • Challenges are big, but can be achieved with great direction

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