Final Sprint Report to Community

This was an email sent to the larger tech4dev community. Recording it as a blog post for archival purposes.

For those in the US, we hope you had a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family. I’m super thankful to all our funders and partners for giving us the freedom and flexibility to do what we think might work and be beneficial to the sector. You’ll truly rock and the world needs more funders like you 🙂 Also grateful to have a partner like Colored Cow who went above and beyond to make this event a reality.

We just wrapped up the Tech4Dev Tehri sprint with a group of 35 folks across 9 organizations from 4 countries involved in the social sector space in India. The in-person event was our first after two years with the main goals being:

  • Bring the community together at a great location – relax, chat and have a fun time
  • Learn from each other and get more exposure on what other organizations are working on and why
  • Few scheduled activities – give people ample space and time to do their own work and have conversations as needed
Introductions and getting started

We succeeded in achieving what we set out to do and are quite pleased with the results. In general there is a certain nervousness as you plan such things, wondering if it will even work. It was great to see that it worked beyond our wildest expectations.

All the participating organizations blogged about their experience or some specific day. A few blog posts that give an overview of  the entire experience are:

To get a full flavor of the event and immerse yourself virtually with what happened, you should definitely read all the participant experiences blogged here

Our next gathering will be in the April/May timeframe where we return to Tehri. If you are interested in attending and have ideas on how we can make things even better, please do send us an email.

Onwards and upwards

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