As I Start at Tech4Dev..

As I, Erica Arya, start in this key role of Country Head for India at Tech4Dev, I feel very upbeat and excited about the possibilities a progressive thought like Tech4Dev opens for its stakeholders around the globe – the donors, the non-profits, the software development partners, and the communities at large.

I am of the firm belief that when the Right Technological Tools are applied for the Right Purpose and in the Right Manner, they can significantly accelerate the adoption of new behaviors and create the desired impact thereby rapidly meeting the organization’s objectives.

Over 90% of the non-profits globally continue to operate in a rather traditional way; and are not able to use their scarce resources in an optimal fashion despite all the good intentions and efforts. And Tech4Dev projects can really make a difference in helping them optimize and scale rather effortlessly, because that’s what precisely is our raison d’etre!

About Me
In the hindsight, I consider myself to be fortunate sitting at the intersection of design, technology, and product – which equips me with possibly the right skills to produce sustainable, technology backed, impactful human-centric solutions.

After getting a Post Graduate degree in Computer Sciences, I developed software and led Product Development for 12 years in Telecom, Mobile VAS and Digital Imaging.

Transitioned into social sector for last 10 years – specifically Maternal & Child Health, and Agriculture. Designed and implemented scalable solutions for the communities, by leveraging the power of different ICT channels like IVR, Whatsapp, Chatbots, Voicebots, Mobile apps – with three primary goals in mind – promote shared learning in communities, disseminate expert knowledge in real-time, and drive massive adoption.

To sum up, out of the multiple hats I have worn, the one that I have loved the most is that of a Creator. A creator who likes designing solutions for Digital Transformation of the Non-Profits, with deep focus on Cost, Efficiency and Speed.

Do you resonate with above in some way! Happy to know your thoughts.

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