Education Cohort to increase engagement through Whatsapp Chatbot

Happy to announce that we at Glific have partnered with CISCO and The Agency Fund to launch a year-long program – beginning May 2022 – for our NGO partners working in the Education space. Our whatsapp based chatbot, Glific, has helped several NGOs engage more meaningfully with their beneficiaries and at scale. We are inviting NGOs working in the Education Space who would like to explore a two-way communication channel to reach out to their communities in a targeted manner. About 6-8 NGOs have already signed up for the program and we are open to having a few more. Spaces are filling fast so, if you want to join reach out to us at

The program aims to help you  increase engagement with your beneficiaries as well as analyze conversations for behavioral insights that will help you effect lasting change

Who is eligible ?

Any organisation that enhances teaching and learning, especially in preK-8 math, literacy, technology engineering and/or science

How will it work ? 

  • The program consists of 4 one-week-long sprints (really just a get together at an interesting location) in the last month of every quarter – June, September, December, March. 
  • It is designed for existing Glific users as well as aspirants 
  • You will commit at least 1 person from your organization that will attend all 4 sprints. We strongly recommend that those who attend in June continue on till March.
  • You share with the team  a concept note (your thoughts) on how you might be better positioned to engage with your users than you are today.  In this note you could:
  1. Propose a new feature in Glific, or integration with some popular external tools 
  2. Explore a new program design
  3. And finally, state how these changes may have a positive impact on your reach  

A Tip : Try to keep your concept note as broad as you can for education space rather than too specific to your organization – such as build a dashboard or a particular message flow

And what will we do? 

  • Cover your costs (travel, food, stay) for one participant 
  • Provide you 3 hours of pro-bono consultation time to co-create the concept note with you(if you wish)
  • Cover the consulting and development charged to build your desired solution with you

Do take this opportunity to make our WhatsApp chatbot(Glific) work better for you.  It is also a rare opportunity to connect with like-minded NGOs over a sustained period of time. We want to finalize the NGOs for this cohort by May 15. So please share the details with us at –  preferably in advance of that – especially if you are a first-time user of Glific. We will come back to you with specific dates and locations for the sprint following that. Looking forward to hearing from you.

3 responses to “Education Cohort to increase engagement through Whatsapp Chatbot”

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to this.

  2. Hi
    We are an NGO working towards empowerment of children and young people born with HIV we support their health and education as well.
    Will this be useful for us ?

    1. Ranjana Gosavi Avatar

      Hi Jeyapaul,

      Thanks for reaching out. The grant is for NGOs doing education work, not supporting it monetarily. Are you in involved educational work like sharing learning content, quizzes, making assessments etc? Are you doing something digitally already? Some NGOs that are a good fit are VOPA and Dost Education. If you send us a note at on what exactly you do for education we can take a call.

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