Tech4Dev 2.0: Avni – Glific Sprint

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We are back with the sprints and this time it’s a 5 day offsite sprint at a beautiful location off Pune called Garudmaachi with Avni and Glific

The day started with a nature walk and getting to know other sprinters.
The sprint has participants joining from some amazing organizations like Lend a Hand India, Slam Out Loud, Dasra, Shelter Associates, Soft Corner, GOALKEEP, Indus Action, EdZola, Pehley Akshar Foundation, Avanti Fellows, Key Education Foundation, HyperVerge Academy, The Apprentice Project, VOPA, Reap Benefit

The sprint kickstarted with a talk by Swapneel Rane helping everyone to think how they ( #nonprofits ) can be #datadriven in their culture.

Arjun Khandelwal gave an overview of the platform covering the problem Avni is solving, use-cases, its impact so far and a sneak peek of features.

Gayathri Meka shared how Hyperverge Academy is providing young people from under-resourced communities access to skilling and networking opportunities to get credible, well-paying jobs in the technology sector. They are now starting the second cohort of ‘Women in Tech’ initiative with Tech4dev.

Kuldeep Lodha from Shelter Associates shared about How Avni is helping them in their projects on Sanitation and Covid.

The talks were interspersed with deep work sessions where teams got a chance to work within themselves or with others they have been collaborating with.

The day ended with some games and karaoke session, getting to know fun sides of each other and some hidden talents!

All along the day the group was accompanied with heavy rains and lush green surroundings 😍

This is a beautiful get-together of like-minded professionals from different orgs working on societal problems using technology.

Especially for Avni team this provides an opportunity to be spending time and working in-person, some of the team members are meeting for the first time.

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