Tech4Dev Education Cohort: Beyond Cultures and Beyond Boundaries

This blog is written by Rahul, from VOPA

As a VOPA Team Member, I explore this place from educational eye sight. I went to Dehradun one day early, so it was a good opportunity for me to reach out to maximum places near this Cohort. Mussoorie, the place that I loved ever, It Shows the British Colonial legacy and building Structure Also.

Library Chawk, Mussoorie

Then I walked to more steps at Mall Road, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar showed this Education Cohort Path through his Vision- Educate, Unite & Fight.

B.R.Ambedkar statue in Mussorie

This Place is Amazing for Flora Fauna- i saw Burans Tree there.

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Now Coming the Actual Sprint, 

On Day One: Tejas Organises People through his ice-breaking activity. What is in your mind? What should be your dream about this Cohort? People Enjoy this Small Activity-

Gram Vaani : We are living in Two Countries – Bharat & India. For Bharat, we faced lots of issues regarding Basic education. Gramvani works for Bharat. through his Product, I knew how to implement Audio for Case solving and help people with decision making. It’s a really helpful tool for society. 

Abhideep from Gramvani

Rishi from Quest Alliance shared their Journey of Glific WhatsApp Chat Bot. An interesting & informal Chat flow creates mindfulness among the children, that was my best learning from Rishi.

Rishi from Quest Alliance

After that Vandna from Bhumi shared her work experience about how they help people through field activity & their volunteer-oriented leadership Program. It was very motivating to encourage people and get them Large Scale on-field output. 

Vandana from Bhumi

After lunch Tech4dev team initiated the next level talk with Mr.Sebastian Leidig from Aam Digital. He designed a wonderful school management Web-App called- Aam Digital. He is from Germany and thinks about Indian School! When we walked on the Dehradun roads that time I realized how Sebastian Positively thinks beyond Boundaries. He is Part of that historical Berlin wall!

Sebastian Leidig from Aam Digital

SNEHA is the Big Foundation. They present their data management System in their Tech Talk. Nadeem, and Vinita Shared their technical workflow and how they ensure their data Backup-Safety-Day to day Reports and all. Large Scale data handling will be more effective with these tools. 

Nadeem & Vinita from Sneha

As we know most of the women did not ask and report their issues. If they needed help, most of the time they were helpless. For this need, Aparna from Suno-Sunao initiated an Audio Based Chat Bot with the use of Glific Support. Women just record the question and send that to BOT, the follow-up Happened, for our country, this will change a lot.

Aparna from Suno Sunao

Tech4Dev also initiated the Core technical work with the NGOs. IDInsight shows their work in tech talk. Jeenu and David explain how their data management tool will help another NGO. for the Scale Impact Analysis we can collaborate with him. After that, I discussed with him how their tech will have exposure in India. David is from Kenya and he is a very cool guy, an interesting finding that in their home place- the air conditioner fools us 🙂 

David from IDinsight

Aparna & Naveli from STiR Education Participated in tech Talks, their work is amazing with the teachers. Changing teachers’ behavior is a huge and high tens of tasks that they did. 

Aparna from STiR Education

Win-Win 🙂

In the end, all the Talk and group work is very helpful for all of us. It opens a new roadmap beyond the culture and beyond the boundaries. My soul is now full of heavy collaboration. Also, we get good help from Tejas, in kind of content making in VOPA’s V-School App. Reap Benefit‘s Tejas and Gautam had taken a good advantage of Glific support. they used Location based issues reporting to Corporator, it will create large-scale people movement. Tejas is now GrandMaster Go-Go for all of us 🙂  

Tejas from Reap benefit

I feel a win-win situation, thank u team tech4dev & Erica mam, who organize this Amazing Cohort and beautiful Place.

Thank you all. Feel Free to reach out me:

Some of the Best Pic Ever, Clicked

The Salwood Food Culture : 

Beauty of Nature


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