Avni is an open-source platform for community service provisioning. Using Avni, organizations can easily create applications for their fieldwork programs for managing their interactions with community members, recording and reviewing community members data. Avni goes beyond data collection/reporting and provides a complete solution. 

Avni is sector agnostic, already used to power a wide spectrum of applications in areas such as Health, Water Management, Sanitation Facilitation, and Social Security Facilitation. Around 25 organizations have used Avni to serve more than half a million beneficiaries. Here are Avni’s current usage metrics. Some case studies are available here. 

Organizations choose Avni

  • To adopt a single solution for different stakeholders across multiple community programs 
  • To easily and comprehensively analyze data, visualize trends and patterns 
  • To make decisions backed by data – in the field and in the office 
  • Because It is the most affordable solution in the market 
  • Because it is Reliable, Secure and Scalable

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