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NGOs typically don’t have in-house technical expertise and they feel intimidated by technology. Often, the NGO staff have the vision but because of their non-technical backgrounds, they feel unable to engage with technology professionals. This pattern is fairly prevalent in the social sector in India.

Over the past few years, Tech4Dev has built a network of whetted and reliable software partners who know how to work with NGOs, have proven experience of working with NGOs building applications for them and work with NGOs professionally and with high integrity. Tech4Dev technologist associates act as Fractional CxOs to evaluate technology needs, help recruit technology personnel and to recommend and evaluate a reliable and proven software firm to carry out software projects. 

We see this program to help NGOs that don’t have any technical expertise in-house as well as those that need help evaluating their technology needs, suggest solutions etc. The details of the program are as follows

  • An engagement with a technologist who spends a few hours a week with the NGO.
  • Assistance with identifying a technically sound solution
  • Assisting with hiring technology personnel at the NGO

We believe this program will also help NGO participants to demonstrate to their funders that they have a reliable organization helping them with capacity building. 

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