Too much data? Want to consolidate your data from different sources? Introducing the Development Data Platform

At Tech4Dev we’ve started working on the Development Data Platform (DDP). In short, this allows an NGO to aggregate data from multiple data sources into a unified data warehouse. The data here can be analyzed and visualized directly via the platform. Visually, this looks like:

If you want more details on the above, more information is available in the following documents

We’ve been working with two of India’s leading NGOs on a Proof of Concept of the above scheme and are quite pleased with the results so far. We’d like to add another 3-5 NGOs to help us validate our platform and add new features that are useful across the sector.

Key requirements for the NGO

  • You have a mature and robust data collection process
  • You have a good sense of your data and the information you’d like to glean from it
  • Your data helps influence and guide your interventions in the future. i.e. your data is useful from a programmatic and/or research perspective
  • You need the ability to house all your data in one unified place

What does the NGO get in return?

  • Pro-bono support and assistance in getting started with DDP
  • Once deployed, you will have a robust data pipeline
  • Assistance in building good visualizations for your program
  • Hand-holding and support, every step of the way 🙂
  • Our love and gratitude forever 🙂

Our expectations

  • You will have one person who had a good understanding of the needs and will be the main point of contact (PoC) for your NGO
  • Your NGO will be responsible for the operational and monthly hosting costs. We expect this to be around INR 15K ($200)
  • The PoC will meet with the DDP team twice a week
  • Our goal is to wrap up the pilots three months from start

Next Steps

Send an email to

Please describe your data problems and your current data situation in the email. We will get back to you in 3 business days.

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