Karjat Sprint: Day 2

It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed, and it’s already time for another Tech4dev sprint. This time, we’ve chosen to hold it at the Radisson Blu Resort in Karjat. It is more of a team gathering without the participation of NGOs, still, we will see some new faces for the first time in person as the team is growing at a significant pace. 

Read more about Day 1 of the sprint on Ishan’s blog

For Day 2, we started the day around 9 with a talk by Deval, the founder of Dasra. He shared his inspiring journey with Dasra and amusing anecdotes about his experiences with Lobo as they have been working together in the social sector for more than two decades.

After that, we broke up into smaller groups namely DDP, Product and Sales, and Glific Developer for a two-hour work session. This allowed us to focus on our group goals and tasks for the sprint. It always feels great to work in person as it’s rare since most of us work remotely from different locations. We were able to quickly resolve a few issues during this session.

Next, we regrouped for a talk by Robert from Agency Fund, who shared about his work and how they make funding decisions based on evidence. This talk prompted us to reflect on our projects and how we should make decisions based on data points and metrics rather than the testimony of a few stakeholders.

After the talk, we had lunch and then continued tackling more issues from our list. Between the break and the work session, we managed to squeeze quick TT sessions(Yeah! Infamous TT table is back) before calling it a day at 7 PM.

After that, we made our way to the resort’s gaming area where we enjoyed a game of five-on-five bowling. It was a pleasant change of pace to spend time with everyone outside our work

Though our team lost(We won hearts), it was a fun experience. Kurund was the star performer of the match, and he kept boasting about it during dinner, which made the dinner conversation interesting.

Overall, it was a productive and enjoyable day for all of us.

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