Reflections on an Inspiring Visit to CORO Office in Mumbai

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the CORO office in Mumbai alongside my colleague Rajeev. Our visit was filled with productive meetings and engaging discussions with various teams. One of our primary focuses was on getting a deeper understanding of the COROs Grassroot Leadership Development Program/GDLP and being able to get clarity on the org tech priorities.

During our visit, we engaged in fruitful discussions with several of CORO’s program teams, including the Women Empowerment Program, Right to Pee, Gender Sensitisation, and Water Scarcity Program.

Rahul, the leader of the Grassroot Leadership Development Program, provided us with comprehensive insights into the current state of the program. We discussed aspects that can be digitized in the near future, as well as the program’s long-term plans. This discussion allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the program’s goals and strategies.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Sabera, a dedicated volunteer who brings valuable expertise in IT, project management, and HRMS implementation from her diverse experiences in various companies.

Pallavi, a trustee of CORO, joined us during our discussions. It was valuable to have the larger team come together to understand the objectives and initiatives that the CxOs are driving, ensuring alignment across all levels of the organization.

Shivani and Shrikanth, who have been actively supporting the tech journey through the Fractional CxO project since its inception, actively participated in our conversations. They emphasized the importance of collaboration and finding common ground among all the projects to establish an organization-wide tech roadmap.

We dedicated significant time to consolidating requirements and streamlining project management across the various programs within CORO. It was inspiring to witness the commitment and dedication of the teams in identifying similarities and differences between the initiatives.

Another remarkable encounter was with Suryakant, the lead of the Water Scarcity Program. Suryakant shared his journey of starting the project without any technical expertise, then acquiring knowledge in hydrogeology to make a significant impact on multiple villages. The team’s focus on water equity, particularly addressing disparities in water consumption among individuals with larger and smaller land holdings, was commendable.

Throughout our visit, we were amazed by the expertise and passion displayed by CORO’s team members. They diligently worked on challenges related to expense management, advance settlements, and digitization of the Leadership Development Program. The determination to find innovative solutions and drive positive change was truly inspiring.

And let’s not forget to mention the amazing lunch we had during our visit. It was a delightful experience, felt like home, and added an extra touch of enjoyment to our day.

Looking ahead, our next steps involve collaborating with the GLDP team for digitization efforts and exploring an Expense Management Tool. Additionally, Rajeev will be working with the Women Empowerment Team to implement the CRC (Community Resource Center) Tool.

These two days spent at CORO’s Mumbai office were remarkable. As visitors from Delhi and Bangalore, we felt safe and welcomed in the city. The openness and warmth displayed by the people at CORO left a lasting impression. Furthermore, we developed meaningful connections and friendships during our visit, which we hope to nurture in the future.

Thank you, CORO, for the incredible experience and the opportunity to witness firsthand the impactful work being done to create positive change in communities.

PS: Unfortunately, we forgot to capture any images during our visit, except for a selfie.

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