Udaipur Sprint: Learning’s from Glific Chatbot and Data Platform

The Udaipur Sprint organized by Tech4Dev for Glific training and Data Platform for NGOs proved to be an exciting and enriching experience, opening up new possibilities for SNEHA organizations. Inspired by the knowledge and connections gained during the event, our organization is now eager to pilot a small project in the Mumbai Bhiwandi area, specifically focusing on the child immunization module using Glific Chatbot. By integrating the Glific Chatbot into our child immunization module, we aim to streamline and improve the vaccination process for children in the Mumbai Bhiwandi area. The chatbot’s capabilities will enable us to automate reminders, provide information on immunization schedules, and address common queries from parents. This approach has the potential to enhance communication, increase immunization rates, and ultimately contribute to better health outcomes for children.The Udaipur Sprint provided valuable insights into the functionalities and integration possibilities of Glific Chatbot, making it the ideal choice for our pilot project.

My journey began when Mr. Vinod connected me with the Tech4Dev and Glific teams, enabling me to dive deeper into the world of chatbots and data platforms. Their guidance and support were instrumental in helping me gain hands-on experience and understanding of these technologies.

Mohit played a crucial role in assisting me with creating a Facebook business account, which had been a struggle for me initially. His expertise and patience helped me overcome the challenges, and I was able to set up the account successfully.

Krishna Priya, another valuable member of the team, oriented me on Glific and its various functions. Her insights and explanations provided a solid foundation for me to explore the platform’s capabilities further.

Akhilesh, a knowledgeable individual, extended his assistance in creating my first chatbot workflow. With his help and the integration of Google Sheets, I was able to gather valuable data seamlessly. Within a day, I successfully created the chatbot workflow and tested it on WhatsApp, marking a significant milestone in my learning journey.

One of the highlights of the Udaipur Sprint was the discovery of Glific’s integration with ChatGPT. This integration opened up a world of possibilities, combining the power of chatbots with advanced language processing capabilities.

Having used a Business Intelligence (BI) system for the past four years, our organization recognizes the importance of staying updated with the latest data platforms. With the rapid advancements in technology and the potential offered by Tech4Dev Data Platform, we believe it is an opportune time to upgrade our system. Furthermore, meeting Siddhant in person after our previous online connection regarding the Data Platform was an enriching experience. Not only was he incredibly knowledgeable about the platform, but he also proved to be a very down-to-earth personality. Working closely with him provided an ideal platform for insightful discussions and extensive knowledge sharing on the intricacies of the platform.

Siddhant’s expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping me overcome some of the issues I faced with the DBT aspect of the Data Platform. His patient and thorough explanations helped me gain a deeper understanding of the functionalities and best practices related to DBT implementation.

I truly valued the opportunity to collaborate with Siddhant and learn from his extensive experience in the field. His approachability and willingness to share his knowledge further enhanced the learning experience. The discussions we had not only addressed my immediate concerns but also broadened my perspective on how to leverage the Data Platform effectively for the benefit of NGOs.

Overall, the opportunity to collaborate with Siddhant and benefit from his expertise was a highlight of the Udaipur Sprint. I am thankful for his down-to-earth nature, willingness to help, and the valuable insights he shared, which significantly contributed to my growth and development in working with the Data Platform.

During the Sprint, I had the privilege of conversing with Sanjeev, who shared his experiences in building the CommCare connector for us. His expertise and insights were invaluable in understanding the potential of the platform and its applications for NGOs.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to provide feedback on the Data Platform, contributing to its continuous improvement and enhancement. Tech4Dev’s openness to feedback and suggestions was commendable, emphasizing their commitment to delivering the best possible solutions for NGOs.

Engaging with interns and listening to their Sprint experiences was a source of great excitement for me. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm added a vibrant element to the event, leaving me inspired and motivated.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful to Tech4Dev for organizing this remarkable Sprint, which not only expanded my knowledge but also provided networking opportunities with other NGO team members and partners. The Sprint has ignited our enthusiasm to leverage Glific Chatbot to enhance our child immunization module in the Mumbai Bhiwandi area. Additionally, the Data Platform will empower our organization to effectively collect, manage, and analyze data, further improving our healthcare initiatives.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Tech4Dev, the Glific team, and all the partners and NGO team members we connected with during the Sprint. Their support, knowledge sharing, and collaboration have been invaluable. We are excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact we can make through the implementation of the latest technology in our mission to improve child healthcare. Together, we can drive meaningful change and create a brighter future for children in our community.

Nadeem Shaikh,

SNEHA – Information Management Manager

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