Reflections from the Udaipur Sprint

The Udaipur Sprint held near the serene Aravali Hills was a fantastic experience that brought together familiar faces and new acquaintances from NGOs. It was refreshing to reconnect with the Tech4Dev team and meet passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference. The lush green surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for a fruitful gathering.

This year, we were fortunate to have an exceptional group of Code4GovTech interns from various colleges and universities. Their enthusiasm for their work was contagious, and they were eager to connect with NGOs; we have high hopes that some of these talented interns may continue their journey in the social sector. This group of young men and women infused the event with a sense of positive energy that was vibrant and almost therapeutic. 

One of the new additions to Tech4Dev is a recent graduate from our inaugural WomenInTech cohort, who has joined as a developer. Our conversation with her shed light on the motivations of WomenInTech participants and provided valuable insights into how to encourage their active participation and foster a drive for continuous learning. Her personal journey, shaped by the program, is sure to inspire our current and future cohorts; we are confident that her story will propel them to overcome challenges and embrace their potential.

During the sprint, Ashwin, one of our CxOs, guided the Glific and DDP teams in a team review. This interactive exercise offered valuable perspectives on what strategies were effective and highlighted areas that required further attention. The insights gained from this collaborative evaluation will help us refine our approaches, strengthen teamwork, and enhance the impact we can have on the communities we serve. We eagerly anticipate more of these exercises in future sprints, as they provide an excellent platform for growth and improvement.

The sprint was a resounding success because of the attention to detail and constant supervision of Krishna Priya, Ankit, and Vikram. Their hard work ensured the smooth execution of the event, enabling participants to focus on their projects and make the most of the sprint. 

It is also gratifying to witness the remarkable growth of Tech4Dev under the even-handed leadership of Erica and the relentless pursuit of excellence by Lobo. Erica’s inclusive and collaborative leadership has fostered an environment that values mutual respect and collaboration. Lobo’s unwavering commitment to excellence challenges us to push the boundaries and deliver outstanding solutions. Together, they form a formidable force driving Tech4Dev’s progress.

The event served as a reminder of the power of collective efforts and the potential for technology to drive positive change. With each sprint, Tech4Dev grows stronger, guided by inspiring leaders and fueled by the dedication of its participants. We look forward to the next chapter in this exciting journey, as we continue leveraging technology for development and making a meaningful impact on communities worldwide.

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