Dalgo is an open-source data platform which tackles ingestion, storage and transformation and can be used by NGOs to drive actionable insights.

Automated data pipeline platform for NGOs

This platform was created to address the challenges we saw in the Indian NGO ecosystem caused by disconnected data sources. It aims to assist NGOs in utilising their data in a smarter way, enabling them to gain better, deeper, and more impactful insights.

Dalgo Website

The Dalgo platform is composed of open-source software elements to tackle data ingestion, storage, transformation and visualisation. It mirrors a modern data stack found in the private sector, while specialising in integration tools and is tailored to the needs and goals of the development sector. 

Dalgo leverages the power of data to optimise processes and program operations. The platform replicates data from multiple tools used by the social impact space – tools like CommCare, SurveyCTO, Glific, Avni, and Google Sheets – as part of a data integration pipeline which provides maximum uptime as well as high visibility into operational issues. Using top-of-the-line open source packages for transformations and visualisations, Dalgo aims to satisfy the analysis and visualisation needs of most NGOs. 


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