No Code WhatsApp Chatbot Builder for NGOs

Glific enables NGOs to easily scale to thousands of conversations a day with few staff. It enables NGOs to analyze their interaction, visualize & measure their impact. Glific has been deployed by NGOs supporting various SDGs, such as

  • to send learning resources and activity based evaluation for education programs
  • for career counseling
  • to disseminate farming advice
  • as a helpline for intellectual and developmental disabilities

Glific helps to


  • OASIS week

    Last week was fun – a lot of people were in town! It started Tuesday afternoon with my meeting Vinod on 100 ft Road in Indiranagar for a very-early-in-the-day beer next to his hotel while we waited for Erica and Lobo to get in from Delhi. Eventually we figured out that they were booked at…

  • The Indian civic tech + open source + NGOs is exploding

    Back home in SF from yet another amazing, awesome and all the superlatives you can think of trip to India. My experiences over the past decades and specifically over the past year is very similar to what we went thru at Yahoo! and Web 1.0 25+ years ago! We’ve got a great group of people…

  • An Inspiring Field Visit to Bhansali Trust at Radhanpur

    In the first week of August 2023, our team from Tech4Dev, including Erica Arya and myself, along with Shrutika and Deepak from Dasra’s Catalytic Philanthropy team, had the honor of visiting Bhansali Trust in Radhanpur, Gujarat. This visit deeply impressed us as we witnessed the incredible efforts of Bhansali Trust to uplift marginalized communities in…