Udaipur Sprint : My first Meetup With Team

Participating in my first-ever meetup, the Sprint, was an incredible experience that not only allowed me to step into the world of offline collaboration but also opened my eyes to the remarkable work done by various NGOs. This event was a source of learning, networking, and witnessing first hand experience of how organisations are making a difference in society. In this blog, I will share my wholesome journey and the valuable insights I gained from this Sprint.

We had an opportunity to connect through digital platforms initially but the experience of connecting with the team in person was refreshing. One of the highlights of the Sprint was the opportunity to interact with numerous NGOs and gain profound insights into their work. Through panel discussions, presentations, and casual conversations, We had the privilege of learning about their missions, values, and the incredible impact they were making on various communities. These interactions provided a deep understanding of the challenges faced by NGOs and the approaches they apply to address social issues effectively.

During the Sprint, we had the chance to visit the Aajeevika office, an organisation dedicated to upholding the fundamental rights of labour. Witnessing their work firsthand was truly awe-inspiring. Aajeevika not only ensures that labourers receive their rightful wages but also provides skill training to empower them for better opportunities. The total amount recovered by Aajeevika on behalf of labourers can exceed 1 crore in a single month. Additionally, the fact that labourers sometimes receive a 20% to 30% wage increase through their efforts highlighted the tangible impact of their work.

Participating in the Sprint helped me realize the immense willingness people have to give back to society and assist others in need. It reinforced the idea that we all have a role to play in contributing to the betterment of society.

There were plenty of questions, many of them were answered but one remained unanswered “Who has given that restaurant India’s 6th healthiest restaurant title?”.

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